Our Story

by Mike Post, Team Leader

My entrepreneurial endeavors began when I was eight years old, and I charged my sisters 10 cents each to ride on my grandparents' front porch swing. Granted, not a brilliant long-term business plan. But it took initiative, and it was, after all, pure profit.

After getting caught and appropriately punished, my approach (as well as my ethics) thankfully improved. I started a paper route. Then I got two. I later launched a lawn mowing business (side note: the company never had a name but to this day, I deeply regret not naming it "Lawn And Order").  The truth is I have always loved working with people and building something from the ground up, no matter how humble its beginnings.

I received my degree from Belmont University, and I began working in the music business immediately after college. For me, a wonderful advantage in going to a smaller university and working in a fairly close-knit industry was getting the opportunity to establish an amazing network of friends and business associates. And when I embarked on my real estate career in 2006, I was able to successfully make the transition because of the support of so many friends and colleagues.

After working with David Pearson Real Estate for seven years, I opened Post & Company Real Estate in 2013. And in 2021, Post & Company was acquired by Crye-Leike, the #3 real estate firm in the country with annual sales exceeding $7 billion.

The Post & Co team focuses on client service more than just sales, and all of our Realtors and team members are passionate about helping clients rather than just selling them something.

There are thousands of Realtors in middle Tennessee. But the vision for Post & Company has always been to do things a little differently than the competition. There is a real opportunity to be forward-thinking and unique in areas like service, marketing, communication, branding, and technology. Nothing we do is typical or average - no stuffy bios or websites with the same tired real estate jargon. Those are worth a dime a dozen - considerably less than front porch swing rides.


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